Fashion Blog Monday! 

Hi dolls! I wanted to do a post on shoes because as all of you know, it’s the best part of the whole outfit. I recently picked up some killer ripped jeans from J Brand and I’m loving them with heels! Trying to figure out which ones look the best… Which do you think?  


Sunmer  Trend 2015: Culottes

Hi ladies!

Summer is finally here. Yay! There some great fashion trends this season, and I just adore seeing new trends come out and what is new in stores! Some great trends for 2015 that I have seen are the shirt dresses and the color yellow, which I absolutely love.

One other item I am seeing in stores are culottes. I remember back in the day when these were in, and history repeats itself so I can understand why they are popular again. I’m not quite sure if I am sold on them. There are plenty variations out there, and I am loving the more dressy fit, styled with a great top, but the full cotton ones I guess may be great on a comfortable relaxing day, but not sure if I’d be one to wear them out for a night. Culottes definitely have their own look, and I see women wearing them looking great. They can be styled to meet anyone’s needs with the right pair of shoes to top the look off. Are you a fan of the culottes look? If so, send in your pic… We would love to share it!


Blemish Concealer Power! 

Hi beauties!

Have you ever had an event coming up, and the night before you get a blemish? Don’t freak out. Yes, you could run to your local dermatologist to get a cortisol shot, but who has the time? Well, the Laura Mercier tapered kabuki brush is great at concealing blemishes.

With the right makeup (I love Makeup Forever), and this brush, it works wonders. It’s tapered so that it can work in all directions. Have a little red on the blemish? Take a q-tip and put a little visine in it, and dab the blemish. Let it dry, and then start your concealing. Make sure the area is completely dried around the blemish, because if it’s not you will end up having wet foundation, and that’s not a good look. Everyone really needs to invest in a great kabuki brush for the fact that it can be used in many ways. It gives your makeup a flawless look, and it can be worked well into the pores. This is wonderful, and as I’ve done a post before, the Sonia Kashuk brushes are great too!!!


MAC Baby Goth Girl

Happy Monday ladies!

Hope you’re all off to a great week. I wanted to share a beautiful nail color that is super sexy. Most dark colors I wear during the fall and winter, and I go lighter in the warmer seasons, but this color would still look great on toes for the summer. MAC Cosmetics carries gorgeous colors, and when I was at the MAC store, I had to pick this up. Dark colors really do have an edge to them, but in a great way. Being a brunette, dark colors accent well on me, and with the right pairing of an outfit, it will look great on anyone!

Xoxo -Melissa