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Sunmer  Trend 2015: Culottes

Hi ladies!

Summer is finally here. Yay! There some great fashion trends this season, and I just adore seeing new trends come out and what is new in stores! Some great trends for 2015 that I have seen are the shirt dresses and the color yellow, which I absolutely love.

One other item I am seeing in stores are culottes. I remember back in the day when these were in, and history repeats itself so I can understand why they are popular again. I’m not quite sure if I am sold on them. There are plenty variations out there, and I am loving the more dressy fit, styled with a great top, but the full cotton ones I guess may be great on a comfortable relaxing day, but not sure if I’d be one to wear them out for a night. Culottes definitely have their own look, and I see women wearing them looking great. They can be styled to meet anyone’s needs with the right pair of shoes to top the look off. Are you a fan of the culottes look? If so, send in your pic… We would love to share it!

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  1. June 8, 2015 / 2:41 pm

    These outfits are amazing! The middle is my favorite by far. I agree, I am not sold on the casual ones but the more dressy looks work well!

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