I’ll Have Some More of That Noir! 

Hi beauties!

Have you ever stumbled across a nail or lip color that reminded you of something you absolutely love? That happened to me when saw a nail color that reminds me of my favorite type of wine: Pinot Noir!

The deep burgundy is so stunning that it would look amazing on just about anyone. Dark, rich reds are of my all time favorite; and when I saw this color, I had to get it. So sexy — a little black dress would complete this look, don’t you think?

There are so many wonderful nail brands out there, like Marc Jacobs and Essie, but Chanel is probably my fav. Chanel Rouge Noir is so gorgeous, once you buy it and wear it, it will be a color that you will keep on hand. Literally! What’s even more sexy, is handling that glass of Pinot Noir while this noir is on your nails.


Monogram Jewelry

Hi ladies!

I have to rave today about this amazing unique jewelry! I love initial necklaces with the huge monogram letters; so popular these days. I stumbled across this jewelry line when I saw a woman wearing a necklace at camp check in. She told me it was from elisailana.com! It was gorgeous and I have to say, once i returned home, I had to look up this jewelry line! Talk about stunning. Every piece is so unique and beautiful! You need to check this line out!


Summer Frenzy!!!

Hi dolls!!!

Aren’t you loving summer? Cookouts, friends, travel, pool, relaxation, and cocktails? I love it! Well, one thing I love is buying new glasses for the summer time, and I am loving these! They’re Moroccean design meets royal blue! Stunning. They are just perfect for hosting parties, and even for my lemon water. What have you loving this summer for hosting your favorite cookouts or parties? Share your photos with us! Hashtag #summer3333 on Instagram and share your photos!!


Roasted Red Pepper Panini with Spinach

Hi dolls!

I wanted to share with you one of my family’s favorite panic recipes! I have loved this recipe ever since I tried it a few months ago. It’s only 370 calories and loaded up with healthy spinach and red peppers! The recipe called for roasted red peppers in the jar, but I like sliced grilled red peppers instead.

-2 slices panini bread (organic)
-1/4 cup organic baby spinach leaves
-1/4 cup grilled sliced red peppers
-2 slices provolone or fontina cheese

Fill panini bread slices with all ingredients. Cook in a hot panini or sandwich press until bread is toasted and cheese is melted. You will not believe how amazing this panini tastes! Yummy!


Healthy Kkin & Hair with Probiotics!

Hi ladies!

Wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying this glorious day! We’ve all heard how probiotics are amazing for our digestive health, and the bacteria in them helps with keep you healthy. Well, probiotics aren’t just for our digestive health. I stumbled upon an amazing facial serum that helps your skin from pathogens and pollution. This amazing product contains soy and rice milk proteins and helps with the hydration of the skin. We all are looking for extra hydration, and as we age our skin becomes more dry due to the lack of collagen. Bioelements delivers such amazing results and the probiotic is also anti-aging serum, so you are getting so many benefits from this little bottle. Get cultured up and buy you some facial probiotics!