Altar’ d State Beauty

Hi beauties!

I have to tell you about an amazing store that just opened up in my neck of the woods! It’s a mix between vintage beauty and retro. Altar’d State is adorable and has the most fabulous clothes at great prices. They carry the most eclectic dresses, and have so many styles! Their jewelry is gorgeous as well; I love a hint of a bohemian vibe with my jewelry. The minute you walk in the door, the dresses catch your eye because of all the many styles to choose from! If any of you are Anthropologie lovers, you need to check out Altar’d state. You will definitely be going back! You can shop online at

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My Workouts! 

Hi beauties!

It’s sizzling hot where I live, so I hope you’re all protecting your skin if you’re in a hot climate right now! I wanted to write a post today on what I do before and after my workouts, because I’m here to provide motivation to get you in the best shape of your life!

I change up my workouts due to the fact that I get bored easily, and I love workouts that use muscle confusion, which gives the best toning results. Before my workout every morning, I drink a glass of warm lemon water. This gets everything moving, and I instantly feel rejuvenated. I then make a pre-workout loaded up with antioxidants. I also take my supplements at this time. Then, I tackle my workout, which consists of anything from a Kettleworx class, to a 3-4 mile workout with weight training, to hot yoga.

Some days, I’ll do a Tracey Anderson videos or just head to the gym to mix things up. Music is very important when working out. Hip hop music gets my energy roaring so I love listening to Jay Z, Kanye West, and Maroon 5.

Post workout recovery is also very important. I take a post recovery drink to help my muscles recover. I recommend ETB Fit products – they are amazing for energy supplements and workout fuel! Check them out!



My Summer Must Haves

Hi beauties!

Summer is one of my favorite seasons for a number of reasons. If you haven’t noticed, I love fashion and beauty 😉 so I have to share my four favorites things for the summer!

1. Nars coral lipstick! This goes on gorgeous and last such a long time. Such a beautiful glossy color.

2. My black and white bikini. Who doesn’t love black and white together?

3. My huge gold hoops. They are so bohemian, so beautiful.

4. My maxi skirts. I literally live in them.