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5 Ways to Get Big Bright Eyes! 

Hi beauties!

I want to share with you some ways to get those amazing gorgeous eyes. I’m sure every woman wants to look awake and bright-eyed, right? There are so many don’ts that you want to stay away from, but with these tricks, you will look fresh faced!

1. Have groomed eyebrows. Don’t ever over pluck your eyebrows! They will make your eyes look small, but having well groomed eyebrows will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Eyebrows play a huge part in the definition of your eyes.

2. Use white liner on the inside of your water line. You have no idea how much this brightens your eyes.

3. Use a great mascara after applying lash conditioner. When doing your eyes, follow this process: curl lashes, apply conditioner, then apply two coats of mascara. Curled full lashes make eyes beautiful.

4. Plenty of sleep. Going to bed late can make for bloodshot eyes. Do you think bloodshot eyes are beautiful? No. Not at all.

5. Use a good concealer to hide dark circles. Dark circles make for some tired looking and unhealthy eyes.

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