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Great Day to be in Chi Town

Happy Thursday ladies!

It’s such a great day to be in Chicago! My Eataly cooking class was phenomenal. If you ever have a chance to go there and learn from the amazing Eataly cooks, I recommend it. And as soon as you’re done learning how to create a phenomenal dish (and pick up a little kitchen etiquette), you can do some shopping for ingredients to incorporate into some of your amazing upcoming dishes.

The restaurants are so great that’s it’s hard to pick where you want to eat! I had to eat at my favorite gourmet cafe, Pierre Gourmet. I ordered the avocado and hummus pita. Healthy cooking is so important for you and your family, and if you feel like you’re just quite not cooking the way you’d like, I highly suggest that you invest in a great cooking class to learn healthy substitutes along with a few great dishes!

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