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VINCE Clothing Rocks!

Hi beauties!

I absolutely love fashion, and one brand that’s at the top of my list is VINCE! If you are looking for that comfortable feel with an edge, this is the brand for you. One item that I am loving is their light cardigans. Even though it’s summer time, everyone needs a cardigan for nights out right? They carry an array of lightweight t-shirts, v-necks, and so much more. They are so comfortable that you could seriously wear their clothes to bed. Not only do they carry women’s clothes, the men’s line is sharp and streamlined. I’m so excited for the VINCE 2015 Winter Line to come out to check out their coats! I’m a lover of neutral colors simply because of the versatility. If you are on the lookout for some comfort in your wardrobe, VINCE is where you need to look. VINCE clothing is sold in many upscale department stores including Nordstroms, my favorite. I love fashion, but it’s great to have those comfortable days too when you just need the perfect lightweight top to go with those great jeans you have. Do you have a favorite VINCE piece you want to show off? Send to Fit and Bliss!

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