Did You Hit a Plateau? Think Twice! 

Hi beauties!

When we get to a certain point in our workouts, we should be seeing results. I’ve talked to so many women and they tell me that they will be doing a workout, and seeing results, then all of a sudden, the scale doesn’t move, their clothes do not get looser, and they feel they are ready to give up! One word: DON’T!

Are you telling me after all the hard work you have put in day after day, you are just going to give up? Your stronger than that! We all hit plateaus! There are so many people that start these workouts and hit a stop spot to where they haven’t moved off the scale, or changed in weight. That is normal. You need to evaluate what you are doing.

Are you giving your all in your workouts? I am a bit of an over achiever, so if I feel I’m not doing enough, I turn it up a notch. I have a son who pushes me, and I’ll tell you, I love it. I am always increasing my weight on my dumbells to challenge myself. I have to admit, I love working out with my son on some days.

How is your diet? Are you eating enough protein? It’s so important to take a post workout protein shakes! Are you getting enough sleep? It’s so important to get those zzz’s every night so you your body is rejuvenated and has time to rest.

These are all important things that go hand in hand in helping you are see results. Everyone’s body is different, but I can tell you, if you are keeping track of the things above, and making changes accordingly, you will get the best of your workouts and see results. You will also feel at the top of your game. If you feel you aren’t, keep a journal of your meals and workouts, and you will see where you are lacking and where you need to improve!


Great Saturday Morning

Hope you’re all having a great Saturdays, ladies!

I had such a wonderful morning waking up in Chicago — I started it off with an early Kettleworx class, then treated myself to a great Starbucks espresso! I also got in some quality time to blog and collaborate with some great people.

It’s good to be home now, though. I was so glad to pick up my daughter after not seeing her for a week, but I made sure to spend some time on Fit and Bliss! After starting this blog a little over a year ago, I cannot tell you how many wonderful people and companies I have met. It’s growing quickly, and I’m loving every minute of it!

What are you up to this Saturday?


Best Hair Care in Your Kitchen

Hi ladies!

I am loving all the hair care out today, and I feel that some brands have really added some great products to their lines. My all time favorite products for styling are SHOW BEAUTY. They seriously rock!

But I also like using natural products, too. I use so many oils right out of my kitchen on my hair. Olive oil is great for the driest hair, and helps revive elasticity. I heat that up and leave on my hair for about 20 minutes, once per week. It’s amazing how your hair feels once it’s rinsed.

Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft and helps strengthen it. Try warming up 1/2 cup of coconut oil and wiping it through your hair. Keep it on for 20 minutes, then rinse. Voila! You will love! Avocado oil is also great; it’s one of my favorites because it’s so rich in amino acids, and helps make hair shiny and helps to prevent breakage.

I have to admit I can’t stand seeing those women who have put so many chemicals in their hair over time that it honestly doesn’t move. It’s like a board, and it’s not attractive. Hair is meant to move and be vibrant. Healthy hair moves, and when it’s flipped, it should move easy. You can tell when someone doesn’t have healthy hair.

The benefits of these oils you find in your kitchen are huge: They will calm your scalp and get rid of frizziness.

If you prefer buying hair products instead of opening up your cabinet, a great oil to try is MOROCCAN OIL brand — I love their Argan oil. I’ve tried most of their products, and they are great.


Take Care of That Neck! 

Hi beauties!

We all know how important it is to take care of our skin and protect it through these sizzling hot summer days. I did a post not long ago giving you some great apps to let you know when the UV rays in your area would be the worst. I advise a 50 or higher SPF. I personally am not a fan of applying some regular store bought SPF to my face, so I love the Josie Maran moisturizer SPF.

Pay extra attention to your necks. I think it’s one of the most elegant parts of the body, but so many women don’t take care of them. Necks age badly, just like the hands. Taking care of the neck is one of the most important things you need to do. There are many great products out now that help with the sagging and tightening of the neck. One product that I love and use often is the Luminesse (Juenesse) company Rejuvenation Serum. Every night I apply to my neck. It is an amazing product, and so is TNS ESSENTIAL SERUM.

A great neck tightening serum that is also phenomenal is the GLO Therapeutics Neck Firming Serum. The neck and the face are hit hard by time, as well as other factors such as pollution, sun, etc. These areas can become weathered in no time, and who wants to look older than they are? Taking the right precautions and care can help keep those areas protected, moisturized, and free from the pollutants that rock our environment everyday. It’s wise to invest in some great products to keep that neck as beautiful as ever.