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Guerlain Eyeshadow Palettes 2015.

Hi beauties!

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Sunday! I am a lover of high-quality makeup that works and does what it says it does. We’ve all invested money in beauty products over time, just to find out how much we dislike the products.

Guerlain products, I can assure you, are the best around. I have loved their products for so long, that I just know when their new products come out, that they will exemplify! The Guerlain Spring 2015 Collection is amazing, and it is all about femininity and freshness. The colors are extraordinary! They have the best pastel shades that enhance any eye color and your best facial features.

The French company is among one of the oldest in the world, and that should tell you something about how amazing their products are. It has been held in high standings for all these years simply because they define class and grace. Along with their amazing makeup, they have some of the most amazing perfumes around, that to me have become famous such as Chamade, Samsara, and Shalimar just to name a few. Since their formation in 1828, they have created over 300 perfumes! Isn’t that amazing?

You can see why this wonderful company comes out with only the best! Check Guerlain products out at Nordstroms, or Saks!

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