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Live Everyday Fully! 

Hi ladies!

Hope you are all having a great Wednesday! How many times have you told yourself: I wish? Well, if you want your wishes to come true – guess what? They can!

I have so many things on my to do list every day. Redesigning a room, more landscaping, etc. It never ends! I’m a type A person. Everything has to be perfect, and I drive my husband nuts with my to do lists. But it’s all about having fun, and that’s exactly what I do – have fun with things.

I want to move right now, so we have decided we’re on  the 3- to 4-year plan where we are currently. We aren’t sure we even want to stick around after the kids are out of school, because we’re such busy bodies.

I’m a big city person, and so is my husband, but we always say, THIS WORKS for our family right now. Our home is close to everything we need. And I have realized, as many times I’ve said, life is running, and it’s running fast!

I’ve decided, instead of wanting what’s coming, to embrace the now! It’s all about convenience these days, and really: It’s all about my kids, and less about me. I have accepted it, and that’s it. They are happy! What more can you ask for right? They have their friends, their fields, and their schools right around the corner! It’s awesome, and life couldn’t get any better!

Be yourself. Live life, have fun, dance, drink the best wines, and be free! Have good friends, and travel! Always be yourself! No one is like you! I have people emailing me all the time, asking me what I do to keep it together. It doesn’t matter what I do! JUST BE YOU! No one else is like me, and I love it! I think that is why I have raised such amazing, confident kids! Always remember that! No one else is you! Be yourself!!! 💕💕💕 -Melissa

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