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Mid Day Snack Importance! 

Hi beauties!

We all know how important it is to get our workouts in every day. I try to pre plan my meals so that once I’m done working out, I don’t need to spend precious time preparing food.

Eating mid day snacks are super important, because it keeps your blood sugar stabilized, and keeps energy levels high. I eat two or three small snacks a day. I never seem low on energy! I also drink tons of water. And I NEVER choose preservative filled snacks from the grocery store….

I always keep almonds, yogurt, and fresh fruit on hand. Also, I try to prepare healthy meals if my kids have activities, because we’ll be running around all day! If we are all home for dinner, my husband and I usually prepare a super healthy meal full of veggies.

Remember ladies: Keep that energy up, and stock up on healthy snacks.

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