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Sunscreen and Skincare

Hi beauties!

We all know how crazy these summer days can be with the sun being so strong and powerful. Wearing sunscreen is so important. Melanoma is on the rise, and I try to get out as much information as I can to get people to protect their skin.

It doesn’t matter if the sun isn’t out and it seems cloudy, you still need sunscreen. The UV rays are horrible, and I always make sure to wear a sun hat when I’m in the sun. I hate when my face gets burnt. It’s the worse feeling in the world! I have recently started using a 70 SPF, and I love it. The crazy thing is, you can still get that summer tan with the highest SPF.

I personally do not like the look of a dark tan. I mean, didn’t the dark tan go out in the 90’s? It looks crazy if you ask me. What “in” is healthy skin. You can get that glow with all the great products out today including self tanners, spray tans, and bronzing lotions.

Please avoid laying in the sun. It’s frying your skin. You will not like it as you get older. I love the look of a healthy glow, don’t you? Remember: Even though it may appear to be cloudy outside, apply that SPF first thing in morning when you are doing your beauty routine. I personally love Josie Maran SPF for the face. It has a great built in moisturizer in it. Keep that skin beautiful!

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