Keep that Straw Feel Out of Your Hair! 

Hi ladies!

It’s summer time, and that means pool time. My daughter has long hair, and we have to be careful to not get too much chlorine damage. It’s important to have to protect our strands.

When we use the pool, we make sure to wash our hair before we go, and apply a nourishing oil to protect from chlorine buildup and chemicals. Using a clarifying shampoo is also important because it protects by applying a moisturizing film. Try to coat your hair before swimming with a oil such as Nexxus Nourishing Oil, which can be bought at Target. It is great, and has such amazing smell. Shampoos with ingredients like peppermint can cut out all the bad chemicals that build up while in the pool.

Try to saturate your ends, and you will thank yourself in the long run. The straw feel that can develop in our hair doesn’t feel good, nor does it look good. With blonde hair, you can seriously develop the green look, so try to take care of your hair before diving in.

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A Lasting Pedicure

Hi ladies!

With summer here, we all want gorgeous toes, right? Pedicures are so important for the health of our nails and skin, and just like anything else, they can get sun damaged, so that’s why getting a pedicure once a week or every other week is important.

Making your pedicure last can be difficult if you didn’t use a good quality polish or didn’t use a top coat to prevent chipping. Everytime I get a pedicure, I take my own polish with me for them to use. It makes all the difference in the world. If you are doing an at-home pedicure, here are some tips to get your pedicure to last.

1. Always try to use a good quality polish. You will see the difference if you are using a 99 cent polish versus an $8.00 polish. The gel polishes are great for long wear.

2. You don’t have to soak your feet. Did you know that soaking your feet in a tub of warm water will make your polish chip within a few days? When the polish goes on, the nail contracts from the warmth of the water. Try using a brush instead to clean the surfaces.

3. Always use a base coat. Believe me: Skipping the base coat is not a good idea. A base coat holds on to the polish for a longer time.

4. Always respect drying time. Wear open toed shoes until the polish dries. Always give it atleast 20 minutes for drying time.

Keep those feet beautiful!