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Invest in the Best: Chanel Lip Palettes

Hi beauties!

One thing that gets really annoying when traveling is having to pack all those lipstick tubes, which can really take up space. Chanel has the best lipstick palettes that work for every skin tone — and the best part: They’re so convenient for traveling!

Most of the palettes come with four gorgeous colors to match your beautiful vacation outfits. Being brunette, I’m not a huge bright color lipstick fan, and I usually love deep reds and mahogany colors. But I love the coral colors in the summer time. The price point is a bit hefty, but when you think of what you spend per lip stick tube, it isn’t all that bad.

In my earlier post from yesterday, I always pick quality over quantity; it is always the best in the long run. Chanel has always been at the top of my list for great authentic quality, and this palette works wonders for travel. Who doesn’t want to travel as light as possible, especially when it comes to picking out your lipsticks.

Want to check out the palettes? Check out www.chanel.com 

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