5 Days of Detox Smoothies! 

Hi ladies!

Everyone knows how important it is to eat well and fill our bodies full of healthy, detoxifying foods. Well, starting next Monday, I am holding a 5 day detox that will help you make great smoothies that are full of rich antioxidants! You can watch my videos and make 5 great smoothies (1 smoothie per day)! I will list the recipes after making the smoothies, and the video also will be on my YouTube channel, as well as here on my blog. Please stay healthy and feed your body those great clean foods!


Glam glow priceless! 

Hi beauties!

A while back I did a post on glam glow, and the feedback was crazy. I believe that I had over 20 emails on this products, and other ones on how to use this. I can’t say enough about this product. It is phenomenal. I have used other very pricey exfoliaters such as LeMer products, and this is still my favorite. The price point is amazing, and more importantly it delivers the best results. It pulls the dirt and oil out if your pores, and cleans your skin like no other. I have spent too many dollars on products, and I’m so glad that I found this product. You can even buy the small ones for great goodie bags, as well in stockings. You want to make sure to follow the directions to get the best results. Your skin will glow!