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Motivation is the key! 

Hi beauties! 

How many of you try each week to stay on track and then realize that you fall off again? Motivation is really to me a mind balance. There are so many things that can steer you from one day feeling awesome and disciplined, to the next day feeling as if you can’t even move just because you don’t feel like it. What we do daily , helps us thrive. If you are going out one day and drinking loads of water , and eating healthy nutritious meals and snacks, and getting your workout in, it feels great right? Then you get a call that some friends want to meet out, and you find yourself eating the most unhealthy entree on the menu, and drinking down two alcoholic drinks. The key to getting in the best shape of your life is balance & moderation & discipline. These three things I live by everyday! I will not give up my wine, nor will I give up my husbands amazing cooking. These three key points will help your body thrive everyday , and keep that mind in check. You can be the weak one and yo-yo eat, or you can stay strong and enjoy your indulgences every once in a while. The last thing you want to do is put in a ton of work , and then find yourself drinking empty calories, or eating non nutritious meals. I hold an hour and fifteen minutes out everyday for my workout so that it gets done. When I work out, I feel amazing, and I have so much energy. Try these three key points daily! 

-balance- balance is what makes us live healthfully. We have to have our mind, body and spirit in check everyday. Try to journal your meals and pre plan ( and WANT to live healthfully. You can’t get on a week on week off basis. It has to be everyday that you want to have and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Moderation- if I know I have a function to attend, or  I know where there will be wine, or other foods, I eat really healthy as usual, and drink loads of water daily, so I can have my glass of wine. If it’s a dinner , I will eat lighter snacks or meals, so I can have the entree of my choice( which is usually the healthiest thing on the menu). I guess it’s in my blood just to eat healthy. 

Discipline- tell yourself everyday that you are worth it, and that you can make the change. Don’t be sidetracked by parties, or cookouts, or of a pile of bread and oil is sitting in front of you. Your stronger than that . You can do it. It’s all in the mind. Will the taste of that bread satisfy you as much as seeing your body and health change? No!! It’s taste! That’s it! Just remember that! Make your workout schedule on Sunday night so you know exactly what you will be doing come Monday morning.. And a new workout outfit never hurt either!!!  



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