Makeup free gym day look with makeup

Hi ladies!!

I’m sure some of you hate the thought of heading to the gym without makeup. I personally do not like wearing makeup to the gym because I feel it clogs your pores with all the sweating going on, but there are ways to use minimal products that look like you actually have nothing on. It’s not using foundation, but using the right coverage with a tinted moisturizer, along with a great concealer. Most women I know have a huge problem with under eye circles, and concealer is their best friend! Applying a great tinted moisturizer in the morning, such as Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. Once that is applied, take a bit of concealer and dot under the eye, and using a wedge, rub it in until it’s completely flawless. Once that is done, apply a very thin coat of mascara. Only apply one coat. Too much mascara at the gym, is a no no. Take a great clear gloss such as lip fusion ( my favorite ) and apply lightly to lips. Wear your favorite head band ( if you wear them , such as lululemon or Athleta , which make great ones. Looking natural at the gym is a plus, but you can look natural with the right products lightly applied. Below are some of my great products that can be used for the gym for the makeup free look!  



Gucci Flora

Hi beauties!

How many of you try to find a great perfume that works well with your skin? One perfume that I just can’t get enough of is Gucci Flora. I could literally just sit and smell this all day! It’s a blend of peony, patchouli, and sandalwood, and the scent is divine. The wonderful thing is you can pick up the Gucci Flora roller at Sephora, so it’s easy to travel with. It is pricey if you go up in the bottle size, so starting out with the roller is ideal. You can check this out at, or Gucci’s website.

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