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Importance of relaxation!!

Hi Beauties! 

This world is so chaotic at times, that I’m sure it seems hard to have relaxation time or “me time”. With all the things we need to do in a day, it sometimes seems right down impossible. We need it, and we need to make time for it. If you are a yogi of some sort, and love to head to your yoga classes for some Namaste, that’s great. Cutting out just an hour a day shows that it can improve our overall well being. Taking time to go to an art class or pottery class with your child can be very relaxing, but just getting personal , valuable time is important also. Relaxation does wonders for our body, mind, and spirit. It lowers stress levels because relaxation brings out mind to a balanced calm state. We no longer are thinking of the things we need to get accomplished. When you cut out relaxation time each day, it gives our minds a break of the constant chatter going on. Relaxation also helps us to sleep better. Relaxation rituals fifteen minutes before our sleep time helps with sleep deprivation. Your mood and memory will improve. Having no relaxation time in your life causes burn out, and burn out will demolish every last ounce of energy in your body and can deplete your immune system. Studies show that people who take less time for themselves get sick more often, and have more sleep insomnia than those that do take time. Your memory is more clear, and you can think more clearly. Stress puts so much emphasis on our hearts, and when it does that, we will get sick more often. Remember to always take time for yourself. If you have young children, get a sitter for an hour, and go do something that you love. You truly need it, and it’s so much better in the long run! 



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