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My Three Favorite Scents for the Summer

IMG_2536Hi Ladies,

I have always been a stickler for pretty perfume bottles, but what gets to me more is the scent of what is in the perfume bottle. Don’t you ever see a commercial with a gorgeous perfume bottle, and just wonder what the perfume smells like inside? Every time I go in to Sephora, I love smelling the small roller bottles, and that just makes me decide whether I love that scent or not. Well I’ve told you in past posts, that my all time favorite scent is my Burberry weekend. Burberry weekend brings back so many great memories, and I absolutely love the smell of it. I have three favorite scents for this summer, and I can not get enough of any of them. The last time I was in Sephora, I had to try out the Chanel Chance. It truly gives off an energy that I love.I usually wear this to dinner, and its my everyday wearer.  My travel favorite is nothing other than Jo Malone. I absolutely love going into her Vegas store at the Wynn hotel. You can walk through the walkway,  and instantly smell her amazing scents. I can not wait to make my way back there in July. My favorite of hers is the Incense & Cedrat cologne.It has a truly luminous scent with a twist of citrus. It instantly reminds me of Vegas. It  is one of those scents that you will never tire of. My third , is Prada. What isn’t there to like about Prada? This brand just spells out luxury. It has such quality , and embodies femininity. It is a blend of sandalwood, Patchouli, and Benzoin. It is truly divine, and of course the bottle is gorgeous. Summer always brings back amazing memories for me, and each summer that goes by, it seems certain perfumes just amplify them. What about your favorite scents? Have one you would like to share? Please email Fit and Bliss, and we would love to feature you!


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