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Workout ensembles.. Good Motivation?

outfitHi Ladies!

It’s Wednesday, and I want my Wednesdays to be based around healthiness, and how to live a more healthy lifestyle. I did a post on Cardio importance, and I want to cover the basis of a good cute workout ensemble, and how much does it motivate our workouts? Well I have to say for me, that wearing a cute outfit always helps me to feel better when going to the gym. I feel when I have a good pair of dri fit shorts, or great comfortable stretch capris on, that I move better, and feel more comfortable, and less stressed during that hour. I LOVE workout clothes, and I can never have enough of Lululemon. I find that I am on their website each week looking at their amazing clothes, and I feel just having good comfortable clothes on, whether I’m taking a class, or running, or the occasional bike ride with my daughter, that I feel better. There are so many brands including www.athleta.com , or www.lululemon.com,  to name a few of my favorites , that they are making comfortable clothes quite fabulous. I have so many yoga cardigans and shawls that I take with me on nights out, just because they are  fashionable,  yet comfy. Who doesn’t love the matching tanks with the great looking pants. I love fashion, and fashion doesn’t consist of casual wear. for me , it extends into fitness. If you want to look good when you go to your dinners, why not look good when you go to the gym, minus the makeup of course. Do you have a great workout ensemble you would like to share? Please send your photos to fit and Bliss! We would love to share them.

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