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Chicago Bliss! 💕

Hi beauties!

Hope your all having a great start to your Fourth of July holiday. I got to Chicago yesterday with my family, and the weather has been phenomenal. We all know that holidays can cause ruckus on our bodies and our minds. If you are going to be going to cookouts or parties, then here is some tips on keeping those calories at bay! image If you know there is going to be cocktails and lots of goodies , try to drink a lot of water before hand. You have no idea how much this fills you up, and how much less you will crave those desserts and sugar filled cocktails. Even so, try taking a few plates of your own to munch on  , filled with fruits and veggies, and you can eat those instead. If you are at a hotel, try getting up early and heading out for a run or to the hotel gym to get your metabolism moving , and burning off the calories you had the night before. The Fourth of July is such a huge celebration, and you can enjoy your favorites, but you need to work it off at these me time. Well that’s exactly where I’m headed to is the gym. We need to feed our bodies well and move them daily! Happy holiday weekend!




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