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Pure importance of protein

Happy Sunday ladies!

We all know the importance of fitness and what fitness gives our body. It keeps everything in tact, and our bones and muscles in good condition as we age. I’ve done past posts on why it’s so important to eat our fruits and veggies. Haven’t we heard that saying since we have been kids from our parents? There are so many benefits of having protein in our diet daily.

-protein reduces muscle loss and builds lean muscle.

-it helps you maintain a healthy weight, and helps put hunger cravings at bay.

Protein is not like carbohydrates and fat, because our body doesn’t store protein. A great way to supplement is with good quality protein bars and morning shakes filled with protein. Our body uses protein daily to help repair our tissues. It’s so imperative to get enough protein in your diet daily. It can come from a variety of good healthy sources such as nuts, good components such as eggs, and legumes and fish.  Whey protein is a great protein that contains all the important amino acids for your body. It’s crucial that if you are going to buy whey, make sure it’s a good quality whey . I recently was in Chicago this weekend, and had to make a quick protein stop to boost my mid day energy at The Protein Bar.

  •  This is an amazing place if you are ever in the city. I had the hi-5 which contained spinach, kale, pineapple and cilantro and it was amazing. Protein is important in our daily diet. Protein also gives you lots of energy to keep you going through the day! Remember to protein UP, and Fuel that body well.

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