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Don’t Stress.. Treat your Skin Nice!

Happy Monday!

We all want gorgeous skin.. Right? We buy things, mix things, use things to get it where we want it. Do you know the worst thing for our skin is Stress? Yes stress. Stress is the culprit to many of things that go wrong with our body, but our skin is a huge one. I’ve done past posts on dealing with stress, making me time, relaxation techniques, and so forth. If you are dealing with stress in any way,, do some things to salvage it , because in the long run, stress is your enemy. Skin and stress do not go hand in hand. If you are use to having a great complexion, and all of a sudden you realize that you are experiencing breakouts, look at your stress levels. Stress can cause a inflammatory hormone, cortisol, which causes horrible vessel constriction. When this happens, less blood flow gets to the skin. Some things that you can do , is keeping the pores super clean, with using a mask ( check for allergies). This  keeps oil at bay. If you need to treat a spot , or an area of the skin, a good acne spot treatment is advisable. If you feel that you have tried some strategies for less stress, and you still feel as if your breakouts aren’t getting any better, that’s when I would look into seeing a dermatologist. The last thing you want to do, is get to the point where you have damaged your skin. A gentle cleanser is always helpful. A lot of cleansers out there are harsh, and can do more damage than good. Try to stick to a well -balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies, and look for any underlying allergies that you may have. Sometimes we may not know , but we could be eating things with an allergen in it, and it could cause breakouts. A great product that is out now, is the Quasar MD blue. This is a wonderful product, and is a very safe and gentle home device that relies on LED light to tackle skin problems. Its great how many awesome things are coming out now , so that you can use in the comfort of your own home. The last thing you want to do is dry your skin out with drying, harsh products. Instead of benzoyl peroxide products, and salicylic acid, use natural products such as tea tree oil, or basil leaf. You will see such a difference. Good skin and a good diet go so well together. We all want gorgeous skin right? We can have it!IMG_3123

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