No gym? Take your gym with you.

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imageIve written about the importance of fitness, and moving your body everyday. If you have a certain gym membership, or have been hitting up the latest yoga class, when you leave town it can seem a bit stressful to think that you will have to miss that class or gym day. No worries! This day in age, it is so easy just to pack your gym with you. It sounds a bit crazy, but I know a lot of people that do it, including myself. If I am staying in a hotel, I usually hit their gym, but if I’m going to visit friends, or staying in a secluded area, I take my gym essentials with me. I’m not saying that you can’t go find a gym , or grab a class at the nearest gym, but to save the hassle, you can take some great products with you , that you can do in the comfort of wherever you are staying. If you are into stretching , or light yoga, grab your yoga mat, and a video , and do your yoga. For the core workouts, and arm work, you can grab some dumbells, and a great koreball that I love, and work those abs. Moving doesn’t need to difficult, or fancy, or luxurious Everytime you workout. You need yourself sometimes, and a few great things to get that workout started. Resistance bands are great to take on small trips. You can use those bands in many ways that hit a lot of muscle groups. The next time you leave town , and start stressing about how you are going to get that workout in, or where your going to find a gym, save yourself the stress and pack it. You may end up loving it better than that class your taking , or loving the convienence.


Post a quote challenge Tag

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I was tagged to post a quote that I love and this it is. Sophia Loren is still so beautiful and someone that I have loved since I was little! Enjoy!!!


Chanel eastern Light Polish

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I had to share an amazing color that is very clean, and streamlined  for the summer. I am loving the Chanel Eastern Light polish. It is a crisp white, and would look perfect for a summer wedding. White this summer is popular, and gives the nails a nice, clean look. You know Chanel makes gorgeous colors, along with making some of the most amazing beauty products.. Their name exemplifies luxury in so many ways, and I can tell you that their polishes are at the top of being the best. The color lasts longer than most, and they have an array of different colors to accommodate each season. This is the perfect color to pick up for a summer manicure. Chanel colors can be picked up at, and to name a few. Check out this gorgeous color. Do you have a favorite Chanel color you want to share? Send your photo to, and we will feature it . nails


Urban Decay Naked palette Love

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Urban decay Naked Palette is the bomb. its very hard to find a palette that you can travel with, and has all the luscious colors intact to make your eyes pop, but I cant get enough of this amazing product. I’ve used this palette for a few years, and have been a huge urban decay lover since I can remember. Urban Decay is always coming out with great products every year. You can shop for this palette at, or at I want to thank for showing a great application to this palette. Isn’t just gorgeous? This palette will work on about every single eye color. FullSizeRender (3)


Focus! Everyday!!

Happy Tuesday Ladies!

Hope you all got your fitness in, and some good fuel in your system. One concept I want to cover today is Focus. Focus on health , and healthy living. I’ve had some messages asking me what I do to stay focused, and  I have two words.. My children. I would not want to know what kind of mother I would be, if I couldn’t have my one hour every day of a workout . It just gets my day going, and makes my world more pleasurable. Staying focused takes a lot of time, energy, and discipline, and of course love. When I say Love, I mean a love of some sort for what you do. I have tried a few workouts in the last few monthes, and I leave there just not feeling satisfied. I didn’t sweat enough, or it just wasn’t aggressive or challenging enough. Like I have said before, YOU need to be the one to find out what challenges you. If it doesn’t make you work hard, or make you feel good, or challenges you to an extent, you WILL eventually burn out, and get bored. One thing that I tell people that ask about it, is get a journal and write down some goals. Where do you want to be in a month? In a year?  What weight do you want to be at? What new workouts would you like to try. After each question is answered, write down how you want to achieve them? What foods will you eat? Will you eat more protein? If so.. what kinds?  I’m telling you that there are many workouts , that fit everybody. If you aren’t a gym person, but love to bike, how many days a week will you bike or how many miles will you bike to reach your goals? It’s all about what fits you. Everyone’s fitness levels are different. Some people are more fit than others, and that’s ok. Everyone has to start somewhere right? You need to set goals for yourself, and strive everyday to reach them. The sky is the limit. There are people that have never ran a day in their life, but with goals, they end up running a 5K. We all can get to where we want to be fitness wise. Do you have to workout out 3 hours a day? No. If you take the time to figure out what you can do daily, with the time you are given, or just setting time aside for yourself somehow, any goal that you set for yourself can be reached. You are so worth it and believe me when I say this, that you will fell stronger, healthier, have more energy, than you ever have before, and you will thank yourself that you did those things for yourself. Its easier for everybody , when your all at the top of your game. If you are simply wanting to eat healthier, start today and clean that fridge out . Throw out all the bad , nasty preservative filled foods, and replace with fresh fruits, and vegetables. There are so many amazing recipes that attribute to a healthier lifestyle. You will never know how far you can get, unless you make changes, and set goals. I think you will surprise yourself! Its just like a camera. You wont see the big picture until you focus.FullSizeRender (2)