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Cocktail Time.. Only without the Sugar Buzz..

Hi Ladies!

We all love living a Healthy lifestyle and staying fit, but don’t we all deserve a good cocktail here and there? One thing I despise about those fruity cocktails, is all that hidden sugar. You have a few to drink, and then all of a sudden you feel like a 5 year old , who has been drinking capri sun all day. We all know what sugar does to our bodies. It puts excess weight on, and drags our immune system down. We do not want that , do we? I love entertaining, and I have had the hardest time finding really good drinks that doesn’t load up on sugar. With any product , I try and tell. With these great recipes, I tasted, and I’m ready to tell. For those of you that love those beach, fruity drinks, I think these cocktail recipes I’m about to share will do you good. You can always add a bit of salt to the rim. I personally do not like it, but its optional on any of these great recipes. I found these on the amazing website yummly, for those of you that would love to check it out. Its amazing, and you can find just about anything on there.

3 Ingredient Margerita

-1 oz. silver tequila

-3 oz. fresca soda

-1/4 lime

Using a low ball glass, over crushed ice, add tequila, fresca, and lime juice. Give it a quick stir. Your set!

Cherry Vodka

-1/2 cup vodka

-12 cherries pitted

-4 cocktail cherries

-Put all ingredients in a container with a tight lid. Place in fridge for 24 hours. Strain out the cherries. serve in club soda.

Strawberry vodka lime cooler

-1 lime juiced

-3 oz. strawberry vodka

-11/4 cups sparkling water



Mix the strawberry vodka and lime juice together in a cocktail shaker. Divide equally into 2 cups. Divide sparkling water equally among two glasses, and add the ice cubes. Stir gently . Garnish with lime. IMG_3155


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      Yes all of them are awesome.. And taste great!!!

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