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No gym? Take your gym with you.

Hi ladies!

imageIve written about the importance of fitness, and moving your body everyday. If you have a certain gym membership, or have been hitting up the latest yoga class, when you leave town it can seem a bit stressful to think that you will have to miss that class or gym day. No worries! This day in age, it is so easy just to pack your gym with you. It sounds a bit crazy, but I know a lot of people that do it, including myself. If I am staying in a hotel, I usually hit their gym, but if I’m going to visit friends, or staying in a secluded area, I take my gym essentials with me. I’m not saying that you can’t go find a gym , or grab a class at the nearest gym, but to save the hassle, you can take some great products with you , that you can do in the comfort of wherever you are staying. If you are into stretching , or light yoga, grab your yoga mat, and a video , and do your yoga. For the core workouts, and arm work, you can grab some dumbells, and a great koreball that I love, and work those abs. Moving doesn’t need to difficult, or fancy, or luxurious Everytime you workout. You need yourself sometimes, and a few great things to get that workout started. Resistance bands are great to take on small trips. You can use those bands in many ways that hit a lot of muscle groups. The next time you leave town , and start stressing about how you are going to get that workout in, or where your going to find a gym, save yourself the stress and pack it. You may end up loving it better than that class your taking , or loving the convienence.

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