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Interview with Fitness Professional Unni Greene

Today’s post is a Q&A session with the amazing “Diet Diva,” Unni Greene, who is the author of Eat More to Lose More, the host of  “Your Best Body Ever” on Janet TV, and co-creator of the JNL Fusion Fitness System.

unni greeneFit and Bliss: Tell me a little about yourself.
My and is Unni Greene. I am a 50 year old female master trainer and nutritionist. I am also the mother of 4 beautiful young adults and the owner of SoMi Fitness Personal Training Studio in South Miami together with my life mate, Coach William Del Sol. I am also a published book author and magazine and internet TV show contributing author. I am also a national level NPC Bikini Athlete and NPC promoter.

Fit and Bliss: How did you get into fitness?
I have been in fitness my entire life. I grew up as a competitive figure skater in Sweden and have been an athlete ever since. Brings competitor from a very young age shaped me into adhering to a lifelong commitment to the physical and mental attributes of being an athlete.

Fit and Bliss: Could you give us a little insight on your daily diet, and what it consist of?
My diet is very clean. As a nutrition specialist I can’t say enough about the importance of your diet. I eat a macro ratio of about 30 % carbs, 40% protein and 30 % healthy fats. I eat at least 5 times per day and drink lots of water. I eat mostly eggs, fish, vegetables, avocados, nuts and coconut oil. My diet is more about what I do not eat. I don’t eat white carbohydrates, I never eat added sugar, and I don’t drink alcohol regularly. I never, ever eat red meat, pork, fast foods, or candy and sweets. Lucky for me I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I do love to eat good food.

Fit and Bliss: What is a day like for your fitness regimen?
I try to work out almost every day. Since I am in a gym training clients 6 days per week I try to take the opportunity as it arises. I work legs and glutes a minimum twice a week. I also work my upper body in splits, usually shoulders which are the foundation of a great upper body one day, chest and back one day and bicep and tricep on another day. I don’t do much cardio unless I feel I have a few pounds to lose for competition or events.

Fit and Bliss: What do you think the overall importance is when wanting to get in the best shape of your life?
Without a doubt, nutrition is the most important factor. You can never succeed at changing your body while only training if you are not eating right for your goals. You need the proper macronutrient ratio which has to be established by a qualified individual. The second most important factor is resistance training. Only doing cardio will get you nowhere. You must add weight training to sculpt your body. Aim to sweat every day!

Fit and Bliss: We all saw you in the JNL Fusion Videos. How did that start, and what can we do to get those amazing legs?
William and I were privileged to be the co- creator of the JNL Fusion together with JNL. I wrote the meal plan and helped choreograph the workouts. We worked on that project for close to three years before the videos where filmed. In that time, my legs just got better and better from doing the JNL Fusion. Having grown up as a figure skater certainly helped shape my legs and glutes from early childhood so that too helps a lot. The method really works and we still use it today with our clients.

Fit and Bliss: Do you have a motto?
YES. It’s “I am here for YOU!” This is my favorite motto because there is no greater gift than the joy you receive from watching others succeed through your help.

Fit and Bliss: Who is your fitness idol or inspiration?
I look within for my inspiration. I see what I have done well and where I can improve. By taking assessment of my own strength and weaknesses on a regular basis I don’t stagnate or get complacent. I compete with myself, trying to be a better person today than I was yesterday. That goes on every level. A better coach, a better mom, a better spouse and human being.
In general, all athletes inspire me as I know what it takes to get to that personal best that they have.

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