Cilantro &and spinach blend

I wanted to share a great smoothie that I absolutely love and adds a twist of fruity taste to it with all the added antioxidants in it! 1 cup spinach 1sliced pineapple 1 celery stalk…View Post


Ok ladies, so this week,  I did a post on bathing rituals, and how to get the most out of your bath, with the best products, more relaxation, and more. I have to share with you…View Post

Victoria Beckham Style

Is it just me, or does Victoria Beckham rock just about every outfit she wears? I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY love her style, and it never gets old. She could seriously look good…View Post

Sip That Tea.. The Green Kind

Hi Lovelies Happy Friday! I have been a tea drinker it seems like forever. I love all kinds of tea, whether its hot tea, or the ice cold tea that seems so refreshing on those…View Post