kaiOk ladies, so this week,  I did a post on bathing rituals, and how to get the most out of your bath, with the best products, more relaxation, and more. I have to share with you some more of my favs today, and I have loved this product,  eversince I started following the blog modern mom, and the celebrity Brooke Burke raved about them. Well, I can see why. The scents are amazing, with my all time favorite being their body wash. I’m not kidding when I say this. The minute you use kai products, you will smell it on you all day. the best part about these amazing products, is that they are paraben , and sulfate free, and cruelty free. The smell is divine, and you wouldn’t believe the celebrity devotees that use this product. I am so glad I found out about it. Its great for the environment, and also comes in recyclable packaging. The candles and reed diffusers are among some of the best. I have to rave about products when I try them, so I can tell about them later. Want to shop for Kai products? Shop at www.kaifragrance.com

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