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Of course I have Splurges just like everyone else!

Hi ladies!

I’ve had a few emails over theimage weekend of some followers asking me if I ever Splurge on any type of food.. Well the answer is yes. Of course. You live once right? You can’t go through life not enjoying your favorite things. You just have to have a balance with it, and only leave it at a once in a while splurge. If you do it everyday, you will not feel good for one, and if you have been working hard in the gym, your definitely not going to see your results you have been working so hard for. I eat very healthy through the week, and very clean. I make meals, that my family loves, but yet I make the substitutions if needed , to make them healthy. My husband makes food all the time, and he is more of a ” taste” person, so in his mind, taste is using more of different ingredients than me. I do splurge once a weekend, and when I do, it’s not huge. I just don’t feel good when I’ve are things that aren’t healthy.,My splurges are somewhat healthy, it can be in other words.. I’m not talking about expensive splurges. I’m talking about giving yourself that one thing that you love. Well I’m a huge wine lover , and I absolutely love , and it’s my all time favorite is Silver oak. It’s just amazing, and I love to drink it on more relaxing nights with my husband. I also love dark chocolate bars. Preferably 70 percent dark chocolate. I know your thinking , well that’s healthy, and it is, but not as much as I love to eat it. I love guacamole with chips also, which is a weakness. I do make my own version, and it’s so much healthier. My last splurge , which I try to not eat this very often, is a Reese cups, and yes , they aren’t good for you, but you live once in your life, and you do have to enjoy all the finer things every once in a while!

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