Peach & Aragula salad

Hi ladies!

Who doesn’t love a good summer salad, that is healthy and delicious at the same time? I have a great one, and this is a hit at cookouts, and is even great paired with a good steak, from what I hear, even though I’m not a meat eater. You get a lot of great antioxidants from the almonds and peaches, and the aragulimagea is great ruffage.

2tablespoons balsamic vinegerette

1 cup almonds

feta cheese optional

1 peach diced

1.5 cups of aragula

place all the toppings on the aragula and top with dressing. Enjoy!


Sheets for oil? Best thing ever

imageHi ladies!

With summer here, and the humidity bad, sometimes, if you have oily skin, you can tend to get kilt throughout the day, and not know it. The one thing that most women do with oily skin, and have this problem , is keep applying a matte powder over the oil. This is not worth doing because it can cause your skin to look older, and cakey, and no one wants cakey skin in the summer or any other time for that matter. The best product out there for oily skin is the Clean & clear absorbing sheets. These are the bomb, and dabbing your oily areas, will still make your face look fresh, but without the oily look. Throwing these in your purse on a night out will do you good. They don’t wipe your makeup off, but yet just gets rid of that oily look through out the T zone, where most women tend to get oily the most. Ditch the pressed powder, and pick these up .


nails inc. St. James.. The perfect Red

Hi ladies!

Have you ever had a hard time searching for that perfect red? One that isn’t too dark, not too punk, but yet not too light? I have found a great color that a friend was wearing and it’s gorgeous. Made by Nails Inc, the color St.james is beautiful, and not too vampire red. There is always that one color every year, where you think you like it in the store, and then you get it home, and it’s not what you were expecting, and then your let down. My friend had this on, and let me borrow it before I bought, so that was nice. It is a great color, and I have to highly recommend it. Want to dabble with red? Check it out. image