Fringe With Benefits

Hi Beauties

I am loving the Fringe look this season, and its so amazing how you can have a simple outfit on, but a bag or a great pair of shoes,can completely change up the look. Fringe has made their staple in fashion for a while, and a lot of designers giving it a twist , by adding to handbags, boots, and even tops. It has taken away from what fringe use to represent as the “western vibe”. A great pair of skinny jeans paired with some great fringe booties for the fall is a must have. you can find fringe just about anywhere, from highly expensive luxury stores, to your basic everyday stores, that are on the cheaper side. Fringe seems at the moment , that it could be a trend setting up for another year for a fall look. The benefit of it, is that it can add such a spin on an outfit, or even a pair of jeans. Check out this super cute fringe bag from the buckle.Super cute huh? You can find these cute bags in hobo style, as well as a cute messenger bag. purse


My Favorite Hair Products

Hi Ladies!

I wanted to do a post on my favorite hair products because ive had some questions regarding what I use on mine, and why I like them. The ultimate BEST product that I love for texture, and to give some body is my Show Beauty products. I can’t say enough great things about these products and it was invented by the gorgeous Tamara Ecclestone. The bottles are just as beautiful. She carries a full range of products from the texture spray, to the hair spray itself. It is on the pricier side, but so well worth it. I absolutely love the texture spray because it instantly gives my hair texture, and it is easier to work with. I am wanting to try the thickening mist, as I haven’t found one yet that I like, and it seems to give your hair a more thicker feel. These come in the most gorgeous bottles, and add the chicest décor to my bathroom sink.mag