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Good Morning Fuel

Hi beauties!

I hope you all have been getting in your workouts and fitness daily to keep your health good, and your body in shape. I feel with the summer monthes here, its so important to detox and cleanse your body through good water, and great organic produce. I know a few of you are thinking about now, well organic is too expensive, but in my view, its not. It’s cheaper than to spend your money at the doctors office due to sickness, burn out, or the ailments that hit you do to stress exhaustion, and an unhealthy diet. There are so many great , healthy breakfast choices, that you can pick from to fuel your body. If you know that you are heading to a very hard workout, then I advise to either eat whole cut oatmeal, ( not the packaged kind), too much sugar, and add in a bit of honey or a teaspoon of all organic peanut butter. You can also grab a small plate of egg whites scrambled, and add a bit of pepper and salsa. I never turn away fruit. It gives me energy, and starts my day right, paired with a cup of green tea. I never advise to wake up in the morning, and eat huge helpings of carb filled ( the bad kind), breakfasts such as biscuits and gravy, or something that is going to slow down your energy and make you feel worthless. I cant even imagine how one of those breakfasts would make me feel. The last thing you want to do is eat a huge carb filled breakfast before your workout. You will not be able to get through it. Poor eating choices cause so much harm on your body, and in the long run, you will feel it, or see it. I cant tell you how often I see people eat horrible foods, and then a half hour after eating, they ask themselves why they ate it, or how crappy they feel. We are here to feed our bodies well, and have them work well for us. They do not work well, when they aren’t fed well. Its like anything else in life. A car that has bad gas, will not run right. Our bodies are made the same way. Breakfasts to me can either start our day off good or bad. Its all in the choices that we make first thing in the morning. Green Tea substituted for coffee is great too. Its just a healthier version for the caffeine, as well as great antioxidants. The next time you wake up, and want to grab that preservative filled box of cereal, ask yourself first.. Is this going to make me feel good or bad? Cereals are one of the worst things for you. About 80 percent of them are loaded up with horrible preservatives, and hardly no fiber, nor protein. Pick the all natural foods. You will feel better.IMG_3662

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