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Happy Sunday!

Im sure by now you probably knowimage that I spend much time in Chicago, and how much I adore the city. I don’t adore just the stores, shopping, and amazing food, but the chaos of the city, and the walking and Joyment of everything in between. One thing I can tell you is it seems like forever I’ve been trying to figure no that perfect place to go to for nail care, that mainly specializes in nails, and not calling the nearest spa up in a hotel to get in, and I finally found it. This place is adorable , just as much as the customer service. Located on Halstead in Chicago, it’s amazingly easy to get to and from . They can accommodate your very need when it comes to nail care, or pedicures. The salon is in my opinion a toss up between a but rustic with a little romantic popped in there. I was so happy when I left there, and I know exactly where I’ll be making my manicure and pedicure appointments in Chicago. Any of you looking for that perfect nail salon that specializes in nail care, this place is wonderful and should be checked out.

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