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It’s Tee Time

One of the reasons I love Summer so much is because I absolutely love those days when you can pull on a pair of shorts and grab a great Tshirt and call it a day! I’m loving all the designers that have great tshirts out , including Mango, and I’m living the Zara tshirts. I love the graffiti tees, as well as the plain cotton ones as well. One concept to watch for as you buy a tee is the fact if it’s made well. I’ve made the mistake in the past of buying tees that I feel are made well, but to get them home and they shrink up, or stretch out easily after a few wears. Look at the tag to make sure they aren’t made with 100 percent cotton. They are the first to shrink up, or not have a clean streamline when wearing.H&M makes some really great tees as well, that come in many colors, as well as graffiti edgy ones that could be worn with a great jacket , or rugged jeans. That whole look is in for this fall, and I am loving it. Tees also look great with a pair of cut off jean shorts with a few gold delicate necklaces. That’s a great look also! Do you have a favorite Tee that you want to rave about? Share it with us!!image

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