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Conceal with Mac

Ive seen so much in the ” beauty media” , so to say about all the contouring going on. Anastasia has some amazing contouring kits out as well as other great brands. The other day when I was out if town, I had to stop by Mac , and picked up some concealer sticks. These sticks are used for concealer, but if you buy other colors , you can also contour with them. When contouring , you always want to go one shade lighter than your foundation, and one shade darker than your foundation also. The darker color is aimagepplied to the areas that you want to make smaller, and the lighter color is used for the highlighting areas that you want to bring forward. When contouring, it’s always important to know where you want definition. Someone with more of a bridge in their nose, may want to conceal that bridge with a darker color. Always pick the right shade too, because if not you can instantly leave the house looking like a bit of a clown. Lighting is important when applying concealer also. Contouring is tricky if you aren’t use to how to do it. Taking a quick video and learning from that could be helpful. Blending when contouring is very important. Blending well is key , because it needs to look natural in all areas. Mac cosmetics sells amazing contour sticks, and Mac also offers free makeup sessions, to where they will sit you down and show you the right ways to contour. Everyone’s facial structure is different, and the key is to accent your best features, and downplay the ones your not so fond of. Try it out! They are great!


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