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Walk This Way… It benefits you like no other ..

Hey Beauties!

Happy Friday! I know you are all aware of how much I love fitness. I love fitness in so many ways, that I cant even name them all. I have tried every single class it seems like known to man, and I cant seem to get enough of my day to day sweat sessions. As long as I sweat during a workout, I’m good. One of the exercises that I think most people forget about is Walking. Yes, the simple pleasure of walking. Walking doesn’t seem to be an “exercise’ to a lot of people, but I can tell you how much a person can benefit from it. Did you know that moderate walking atleast 30 minutes daily, can help reduce the risk of coronary artery disease, and can help with people’s blood sugar rising,and help to lower blood pressure. These are ailments that we need to consider as we get older. We have one of these things go wrong, then it could possibly be a life time of medications just to keep these ailments at bay. Getting on your walking shoes every day will help with these things , and its truly a great , relaxing thing to do on a gorgeous day. I love going to the city, because I absolutely love walking everywhere. As we age also, we have the risk of cancer , and walking has shown to decrease the risk of breast and colon cancer. One of my favorite things to do is grab a friend and take that nice walk. If you have a friend to chat with, you could walk for hours. ( at least I could.It not only helps with sickness as we age, its great for our wellbeing. It gives our minds time to calm and regroup. If you feel you are in a mental rut, take that hour walk, or even if its 20 minutes long. You will feel better after you have done it. You do not have to go join a class to get exercise in. It may not be a flashy exercise, or the “it” class, but you will definitely be doing something good for yourself. Walking , believe it or not, helps trim your waistline. it may not tone your body the same way a class would with weights, or kettle bells but it definitely would help with keeping the weight at bay. Walking is the easiest, and of course the cheapest way to get some cardio in. If you are new to trying to shed a few pounds, grab those walking shoes, and start off that way. I think you would be surprised at how much you would enjoy it. Not only for your body, but your peace of mind. FullSizeRender (4)

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