I’m sure all of you have tried at one point in time, the fat filled granola mixes at the store, that over and over claim how healthy they are. I’m sure there are healthier ones out there, more than others, but you are not going to get a more healthier granola mix, then in your own kitchen. I have stopped buying those mixes for a while now, because I make my own ,and it is delicious. Here is a special recipe, loaded with better nutritional value, than you would find in the store. When making this granola, it’s best to use All-natural cut oats, such as quaker oats, because the nutrition is way healthier. This recipe is super easy, and a great way to spice up your yogurt.

-4 cups all natural oats

-1 tbsp. cinnamon

-1 cup raw nuts/ seeds

-1 cup coconut

-1 pinch of salt

-1 1/2 tsp. vanilla flavor

-1/4 cup sweet brown sugar

-1/4 cup melted organic coconut oil

You will combine all these ingredients on a tray, and Bake at 350 degrees, ( approx. 30 min). This is a super great all natural recipe, and a great delight for the kids. oats


What Keeps you motivated for fitness?

Happy Saturday!

Isn’t it crazy how much you see in the commercials, social media, magazines, ect. on ways to  get fit? You have every class offered under the sun, and to that note, all kinds of crazy products being sold to help your fitness journey along. It takes something different for each and every one of us to feel motivated to get our butts moving on a daily basis. There are some days I’m sure, like all of us, where we feel like just taking breaks, and then that puts us into a rut. I’ve seen it happen all too much. If you take one day off, then it turns into a two days, and then you find yourself at the end of the week realizing, “Hey! I haven’t worked out in a week, and its so easy to get caught in that bind.

Here are some great ways for motivation for fitness

– What does your playlist look like? Is it crazy music that really doesn’t get you  fired up, or feeling energized? Believe me when I say this. I love tons of different kinds of music, but I have One playlist just for my workouts, and running regimans. You will not find indie music on my playlist, even though I love it. That’s for a different time and place. Get a great playlist downloaded.

-Do you feel like you are constantly trying to fit in your workouts, and sure enough as soon as you want to go to the gym, something comes up? If so.. Try to pre plan your schedule. Look at the times offered for your favorite class, and make sure you allow yourself that one hour to attend it.

– Are you a fly by the seat of your pants kind of an eater? I’ll tell you that if you don’t have your pantry and refrigerator cleaned out , you WILL eat those snacks and preservative filled food. make sure you have enough fresh fruits and vegetables cut up, and  on hand for those snacks. If you are eating well, and you eat one bad meal, or snack, you just fell off the horse. It keeps you motivated to eat well, and journaling is the best plan for this. Keep track daily of your food intake and what you ate.

-Set goals for yourself. if you even just want to lose 5 lbs, then set a goal of how you manage to get there. Just cutting anything out of your diet that is white, is progression.

-Make it fun. Do not go take a class that you know burns five hundred calories, just because. Do it for yourself. If that fun to you is running, set up a running schedule. Physical activity in your daily life is important, and it should be fun , always. I get out everyday and throw the football with my son, or play basketball with my daughter, or we go for bike rides. It should always be fun. If you are having fun with what your doing, physical wise, you will only be motivated to keep doing it.