The Fabulous Fabletics

I have to say that as much as I buy workout clothes, which seems weekly, I cant get enough of the bright , crazy colored capris, that can be paired with a super cute yoga camisole. I am a “Lululemon” lover, and I cant seem to get enough of their inventory. Weekly I am on there looking at what the new and amazing items are coming out. I feel which as much as I love working out, unless I am going to an appointment, or another duty, I live in workout clothes. I am so thankful they have come a long way in making them stylish. I remember the days , of course years ago, when you would put on a pair of sweats to go to the gym in. I’m so thankful that it’s not like that anymore. I will forever praise lululemon, as it’s my all time favorite, but I recently tried out the wonderful website ,, and I can’t praise these adorable ensembles enough. They are the best company to deal with, and I love their pieces. The co-founder of fabletics is Kate Hudson, and she has personally picked out some of her favorite picks on the website. You can get on their website ,and take their lifestyle quiz which will give you insight on which clothes would work best with the lifestyle that you lead, and the types of classes that you take, whether its running, yoga, pilates, or which ever you take. They will give you the clothes choices to that specific workout. It’s truly an amazing concept, and it’s great you can go on the website, and they will personally guide you to what you need to look at if you are unsure on what you are needing.

The best part about this amazing website , Is for your first order you can get a full outfit for 25.00, which is a steal. They have great men’s clothing as well, and you will cut your purchase price in half compared with amazing companies like, and, and the quality is remarkable. Check it out today.


Blurred Lines

Hey Ladies!

Hope your all having a glorious Sunday. I Know summer just happened, but it seems the rate it is flying by,Fall will shortly be here. As much as I love Summer, I absolutely look forward to Fall , because it is my favorite time of the year. Chilly mornings, the beautiful leaves, bonfires with smores, and of course Football season. I absolutely love also Fall clothing. The scarves, boots, sweater, and super cute jackets you can wear on those chilly evenings. I have been looking at all the great pieces coming out for Fall, and I am loving them. One big item you will see in stores for the Fall are stripes. You will see striped sweaters with pops of colors in them, as well as striped skirts to be pieced with a solid color top. I am even seeing striped socks for the tween ages, and they are super cute. These stripes can be matched with some skinny jeans and a great scarf , and you are good to go. One thing that I am not a fan of, is striped jeans,( which I’ve seen a few times.) I think these can be quite flashy in terms of pairing it with the right sweater or top. Stripes on the bottom can be tricky when putting together a great ensemble, and I particularly am not a huge fan of them. They do look cute on  the teenage girls that I see wearing them. H&M has some super cute striped sweaters , along with some great striped skirts as well. You , of course do not match stripes , because that can be a bit blurred if you know what I mean. Stripes always go well with a solid color. A black and white striped skirt, matched with a solid pink tank would be cute .zara has some cute striped tops , as well as some striped scarves also.  The  stripes will be huge this fall. IT’s important to not put stripes with stripes, unless its one full outfit, like a skirt, and a tank that is one outfit. Do you have a great outfit that incorporates stripes?  Share it with us. FullSizeRender (7) 


Need an instant skin Fix? Try these!

Hi Beauties!

We all have those days when we haven’t got enough sleep, haven’t drank enough water, felt like we have been going so hard , that we’ve hardly given our bodies rest, let alone our faces & necks a little TLC. Well I have some great products that instantly can fix those dilemmas in no time. Whether you have tired eyes, enlarged pores, or a bit of crows feet, there are always ways to make them better, and these products are simageure to do it. As we age, our pores start to enlarge if we aren’t taking proper care of our skin. We lose collagen as we age, which means our skin loses elasticity also , and we can end up with deep wrinkles, and that extra neck we do not want. It’s easy to call a doctor to fix all of that, but with these great products, it’s an instant fix to the problem you may be having..

Yves st. Laurent touché éclat – this perfector is perfect for reducing your pore size. It is a balm that diffuses light to reduce those pores. You want to apply this blur perfector with a sponge to blend well.

– Patchology flash patch eye gels– these eye gels are loaded with moisture, caffeine, and collagen which instantly transform your eyes and make you look wide awake.

Roloxin lift– my all time favorite simply because it’s gold in a package. This comes in a pack of 10, and smooths wrinkles, and instantly gives your skin firmness. It’s pricey, but you get 10 in a pack. It needs to be left on for 10 minutes.

Well there are three amazing products to give your face a fix when it needs it. It’s hard to make sure you take proper care of your skin daily with getting side tracked with other things, but always make sure to wear your sunscreen and wash your face each night.