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Hey Ladies!

Hope your all having a glorious Sunday. I Know summer just happened, but it seems the rate it is flying by,Fall will shortly be here. As much as I love Summer, I absolutely look forward to Fall , because it is my favorite time of the year. Chilly mornings, the beautiful leaves, bonfires with smores, and of course Football season. I absolutely love also Fall clothing. The scarves, boots, sweater, and super cute jackets you can wear on those chilly evenings. I have been looking at all the great pieces coming out for Fall, and I am loving them. One big item you will see in stores for the Fall are stripes. You will see striped sweaters with pops of colors in them, as well as striped skirts to be pieced with a solid color top. I am even seeing striped socks for the tween ages, and they are super cute. These stripes can be matched with some skinny jeans and a great scarf , and you are good to go. One thing that I am not a fan of, is striped jeans,( which I’ve seen a few times.) I think these can be quite flashy in terms of pairing it with the right sweater or top. Stripes on the bottom can be tricky when putting together a great ensemble, and I particularly am not a huge fan of them. They do look cute on  the teenage girls that I see wearing them. H&M has some super cute striped sweaters , along with some great striped skirts as well. You , of course do not match stripes , because that can be a bit blurred if you know what I mean. Stripes always go well with a solid color. A black and white striped skirt, matched with a solid pink tank would be cute .zara has some cute striped tops , as well as some striped scarves also.  The  stripes will be huge this fall. IT’s important to not put stripes with stripes, unless its one full outfit, like a skirt, and a tank that is one outfit. Do you have a great outfit that incorporates stripes?  Share it with us. FullSizeRender (7) 


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