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The Fabulous Fabletics

I have to say that as much as I buy workout clothes, which seems weekly, I cant get enough of the bright , crazy colored capris, that can be paired with a super cute yoga camisole. I am a “Lululemon” lover, and I cant seem to get enough of their inventory. Weekly I am on there looking at what the new and amazing items are coming out. I feel which as much as I love working out, unless I am going to an appointment, or another duty, I live in workout clothes. I am so thankful they have come a long way in making them stylish. I remember the days , of course years ago, when you would put on a pair of sweats to go to the gym in. I’m so thankful that it’s not like that anymore. I will forever praise lululemon, as it’s my all time favorite, but I recently tried out the wonderful website , www.fabletics.com, and I can’t praise these adorable ensembles enough. They are the best company to deal with, and I love their pieces. The co-founder of fabletics is Kate Hudson, and she has personally picked out some of her favorite picks on the website. You can get on their website ,and take their lifestyle quiz which will give you insight on which clothes would work best with the lifestyle that you lead, and the types of classes that you take, whether its running, yoga, pilates, or which ever you take. They will give you the clothes choices to that specific workout. It’s truly an amazing concept, and it’s great you can go on the website, and they will personally guide you to what you need to look at if you are unsure on what you are needing. fableticswww.fabletics.com

The best part about this amazing website , Is for your first order you can get a full outfit for 25.00, which is a steal. They have great men’s clothing as well, and you will cut your purchase price in half compared with amazing companies like www.athleta.com, and www.lululemon.com, and the quality is remarkable. Check it out today.

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  1. July 26, 2015 / 8:46 pm

    Really cool looking gear for yoga practice. I looked at their $25 for first outfit deal. Be aware that when you make this purchase, you become automatically signed up for their VIP membership which requires you to either make monthly purchases or skip the month or cancel your membership or they charge you $60 each month.

    • July 27, 2015 / 5:25 pm

      Yes the best thing to do is get the deal then when you want to order in future, do a separate transaction

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