Creamy Strawberry -Banana Smoothie

Ladies Who doesn’t love bananas and strawberries together? It has always been one of may favorite combinations when making fruit dishes, adding them both to yogurt dishes, and oatmeal breakfasts. This amazing smoothie is so…View Post

Pump more oxygen in your skin .. With Dr. Brandt’s oxygen facial

Hi Beauties! I wanted to give you a try & tell review on the oxygen facial that Dr. Brandt ( who by the way) has some amazing products it), invented to give the busy women…View Post

What’s your workout style?

Hi Beauties!  Everyond has a certain workout style. I’ve seen many different ones, including women wearing the sweat pants we use to wear in the 90’s , and the latest lounge fashion craze seems to…View Post

Guest Blogger .. Meet Sophie from

Hi Ladies! I have another amazing guest blogger this week that wanted to do a write up for Fit and Bliss, and I am so happy to meet this wonderful girl. Meet Sophie from…View Post

Farmers Market Bliss… Time to hit up your local market

Hi Beauties! I love that time of year when my local farmers markets are going on, and I can go pick out some of my favorite fruits and vegetables, and shop for some wonderful pies…View Post