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Vegas fun! 

Hi ladies! 

I just got back from Vegas from being there a week, and as always had a great time! I have to tell you that I’m always excited to pack for Vegas , just because I love dressing up, and when I find a great dress, I have to try and tell, as I do with my beauty products! This dress , which I found in Chicago , was a great find and worked well when traveling to Vegas! Twelfth street by Cynthia Vincent sells amazing pieces, and loved the colors in this dress. When finding dresses for summer, this year I went with longer dresses. Isn’t their something elegant about them? I think so anyway! I love the cute mini dresses out for summer, but this year I went overboard with my king dresses. I had a few great weddings this summer, and had a vibe for each one. The maxi dresses were huge this year as well. Well I had to share with you my great find, and almost anyone can pull off a fabulous long dress! Do you have a great one to share? Send it to us!  


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