Mac prep & Prime

imageHi Ladies!

There are many primers out there right now that make claims of reducing pores, or making your skin flawless before applying your foundation. Well as many great primers that there are in the makeup world, I do have my favorites. One of my favorites is the Mac Prep & Prime. It really does deliver all the results that it claims including reduced pores, dewy finish, and gives your skin a flawless base for that foundation. I advise when using this is to make sure your skin is freshly cleaned, and I apply a great moisturizer before applying the primer. Primers can be tricky and it’s great if your skin is prepped correctly. If your skin isn’t clean, or moisturized, the primer can instantly make your skin matted. The primers come in different segments, and there are ones that take redness out of the skin, and ones that can cover up sun spots. You can talk with a Mac professional about which one is best for you. For any of you looking for that great primer, this is an amazing pick.



Hi ladies!

I have always believed in juicing, and throwing so many great fruits and vegetables together, can actually turn out to be quite delicious. One thing that is very important , is when buying your fruits and vegetables, make sure you buy organic. There is truly no other way to buy. It protects you in the long run from all the pesticides and fertilizers used on regular fruits and vegetables. It may be more expensive, but it’s truly protecting your health. People often ask me why I love juicing. Well it’s because to me , and from the multiple books I have researched, juicing has so many benefits. When you juice , instead of drinking so called phony fruit juices, you are doing away with the fillers, sugars, and preservatives often found in almost all juices. I am yet to find a wholesome juice. If its in a can, you can almost bet you will find tons of sugar added. With juicing, you are getting the quality fruits, vitamins, and minerals, and tons of antioxidants in the full fruit or vegetable. There is just natural sugars from the fruit, but nothing added to give it a good taste. I often find that when I juice , I add natural flavor a such as lemon, honey, or even cilantro ad parsley, and the taste is great.  I do believe in the concept of juicing, and have seen amazing results from it such as clear skin, more energy, and I know some people who have juiced for three monthes, and seen their blood pressure go down , as well as their cholesterol. This doesn’t mean you should substitute juicing every meal in place of real food choices. I do add two juices daily to my regimen. It has been researched that they think juicing can help with cardiovascular disease, as well as helping cancer patients.  I have listed many recipes for juices on my blog , and they are amazing if you want to add that extra protection to your health. Many places in bigger cities are now offering green juices, which I think is great. Cheers to your health, and green up through the day! image