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Hi Ladies!

Hope your Monday has been good so far. I have had a few emails asking me about makeup blending. When you use multiple products on your face, especially with contouring, it’s so important to blend all those products well, so there isn’t any visible lines, or areas where you can see everything. It can be difficult to get that contouring look, especially if you’ve never done it, or are new to it. I advise to take a contour class at sephora, or even watching great you tube tutorials can be helpful. One of my favorites is Www.lydiaelisemillen.com. She’s phenomenal with her videos. One great item that I keep with me and use especially when going out is the Beauty blender sponge. It is the best one so far that I’ve used, and I’ve used many. It is my all time favorite. It’s best when blending to wet it down, and squeeze the water out,and it will give your skin a dewy look to it. Like I said before, it’s very important to practice a few times with contouring to get it down, but the beauty blender sponge doesn’t need to be used just for contouring. If you are using a foundation and a concealer, it’s best to blend those two together. This is used by a lot of professional makeup artists also, and it has recieved great reviews. image

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