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Hi ladies!

I’m a huge Dior lover in almost everything. Their quality is superb, and it’s a lasting fashion piece that can be handed down for generations. I know all my Dior will go straight to my daughter. I am a huge fan of Dior Addict gloss, because they have gorgeous colors, and the gloss stays on for hours, unlike some glosses out there. One of the many pitfalls, of buying an item , and getting it home to know that it doesn’t last long. They are saying this season that Orange is the new Hot, and I have to tell you, the makeup is also. I’m loving Dior Addict Delice, a gorgeous coral color. It is simply one of my favorites now. It looks amazing against black tops, and I’m sure it would look splendid with that perfect little black dress. Coral colors can be tricky depending on your skin tone. Some corals can make some ski tones look washed out, so try it out at the counter before buying. This certain color can be picked up at Www.nordstrom.com, or Www.saks.com



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