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Dont Ruin that lovely Smile

Hi Ladies!

There is so much talk in the beauty world about the do’s and don’ts for your skin. We all know the items to stay away from, and the absolute protection with the sun when it comes to protecting your skin. One topic that I think is just as important is the topic of your smile. Who doesn’t love a lovely smile, or white teeth? That is the absolute first thing I notice when talking to someone. I notice their smile, and one that is gorgeous is even better. There are so many things that you need to know about keeping those pearly whites clean, and healthy, and not letting certain culprits ruin your smile. There are four huge componets that can wreak havoc on your smile and your teeth.

  • Sports drinks. – Have you ever seen the back of an ingredient list on a sports drink? Have you seen the grams of sugar? If it says zero, then you know its being replaced with sugar alternatives. Don’t jump into the fault of drinking those things, let alone buying them for your family. They are purely no good. Always stick with water.
  • Diet pills- These companies need to seriously take these phony pills out of the market of the “get skinny ” times we are in. These pills can lead to disease of the gums, and the decrease salivary flow. There is only one way to get to the weight you are dying to be at .. HEALTHY EATING & EXERCISE
  • Candy- All candy whether it is some crazy “diet candy’ or some sort of healthy candy, it is loaded with bad sugars. Your gums and teeth do not like sugar at all. Candy attacks the tooth enamel, and in turn will ruin it. Never go to bed without brushing your teeth, and chewing sugarless gum will help boost your saliva flow.
  • Dieting- I hate that word. Don’t you? I mean there is no such thing to me. It is called a way of living. You need to empower your inner strength to change into a healthier lifestyle for the long run. Not a week, or a month, or even a year. Change your lifestyle for the healthier version. If you diet, you are depriving yourself of certain vitamins and minerals , which in turn is poor nutrition, especially when you are only doing it for a period of time. Dieting can lead to a poorly ran immune system, which in turn can lead to sickness, and poor health problems. Do away with all sugar, and you will feel so much better and so will your smile. A poor smile doesn’t make beautiful lipstick look good. image

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