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Oakley PRIZM release pre -order launch 2015


Hello Everyone!

Today is the pre-order launch of the Spectacular Oakley PRIZM prescription lenses , including sports styles, and everyday styles. These glasses are phenomenol, and can be worn casually or dressed up for a more sophisticated look. These glasses can be worn as a sporty pair on the golf course, or even on a casual bike ride. These glasses come in a variety of colors. The lenses of the Oakley PRIZM use a lot of emphasis on the colors that the eye has a sensitivity to in sports, and certain enviroments, which in turn creates a lens that is fully geared for specific hobbies, and activities such as cycling, baseball, ect. The full goal of these this collection is to improve all performance in the athletic world by relaxing the eye , and identifying each of the demands that the environment has on vision. These are of amazing quality , Oakley used specialized equipment to read the wavelengths of light that are present in a different amount of settings. They used a combination of dyes and coatings to create lens tints that would optimize the helpful light and minimize the wavelengths of light that are unnecessary. It truly helps when you are active in your hobbies, without the sunlight raiding your eyes, and these glasses are sure to be a hit. Interested? Users will be able to purchase these amazing Oakley PRIZM prescription lenses today at the http://www.saltcityoptics.com/b/oakley-prescription-eyewear.html. You need to get this order in, and get these amazing glasses that will truly add some much more comfortability, and style to your every day hobbies. Prices range from $276-$322 for single vision lenses, and $379-$494 for progressive lenses ( prices do not include the frames) . Bubba_Watson_Golf_Prizm

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