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Dior is the “Real” Deal

Hi Ladies!

Well I know Summer is winding down for some of us, but I love the summer look with all the amazing designer glasses out there, and I am so lusting after the new ” Dior Get Real ” sunglasses. They come in many gorgeous colors, and have such a distinct look about them. They are being worn by some of the biggest names in fashion, and I can’t seem to get enough of looking at them. The gorgeous Rhianna caused a buzz with these amazing glasses at the Dior presentation, and ever since they have been flying off the shelves. It seems the mirrored specs became an over night sensation , and these gorgeous glasses being a year old, they are still one of Dior’s best sellers. Dior is known around the world for their tasteful style , classy looks, and their luxury goods, and one can love these unique specs. These are definitely an investment, and who wouldn’t want to invest I something that will be a historical sensation in fashion years down the road? Anything made my Dior, will definitely be worth having decades on out, even if it’s passed down. With a hefty price tag at $595, these will definitely be an investment, but who wouldn’t love  looking through these gorgeous pieces? These glasses can be bought at finer department stores such as saks, nordstroms and even Dior.com itself. Looking for some great specs? You better grab these up. image image

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