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Guest blogger of the Week! …everydaybeautyfinds!

Hi Ladies!

I have invited a few guest bloggers to contribute to Fit and bliss this month, and this is an amazing post by Anna from https://everydaybeautyfinds.wordpress.com.

A Guide to Getting Fit and Staying Fit: An Athletes Perspective

Hi Everyone! I’m Anna and I run a new beauty blog called EverydayBeautyFinds. I am an athlete with a passion for sharing my beauty finds, staying fit and testing out fashion trends. My blog features honest opinions on beauty products and subscription box services. Thank you to Melissa for allowing me to guest blog today! I am going to be discussing how to set fitness goals, the best way to stick to your goals, and share a little bit about my journey to fitness! So without further ado, here is my 3-step guide on how to stay fit!

Change your mindset.

A huge challenge for maintaining a healthy lifestyle has always been finding the time to work out. If you can adapt this mindset, right now, you will find making timeto work out a lot easier. Exercising everyday is a necessity. It is vital to your physical and mental well-being. As such, it is a priority,just like going to work, attending school or sleeping each night.

Set a Schedule

Schedule at least an hour of time in your day, each day you plan your exercise. It definitely helps to make this the same time everyday, because the more set into the routine of your schedule you are, the less likely you are to break it. Make a rule with yourself:if you absolutely MUST use that time for something that has come up, you will reschedule your workout for another time that SAME DAY. Just skipping one day can start a trend and break up all the good work you are working so hard to do. As far as when to schedule your workout, try to pick a time that you are least likely to have potential scheduling conflicts with (for example, mid-afternoon is a tough time slot, because meetings always seem to come up then.) For me, the best time is in the morning before work. I wake up an extra hour and half early so that I can exercise at the gym, take a shower, and go to work feeling like I’ve already accomplished a lot for the day. When I leave my job each day, I walk out with a clean slate, having already completed two major , necessary tasks. If you are someone who constantly finds yourself saying “I just don’t have the time today”, I cannot recommend working out early in the morning enough! As much as waking up early is a drag, exercising wakes you up quickly, and you’ll leave the gym with a smile, being glad you went.

Set specific goals

Setting goals for yourself forces you to keep moving forward. Goals give your hours spent sweating away in the gym purpose. Perhaps most importantly , when you finally achieve the fitness objective that you’ve been working so hard toward, you will feel accomplished and encouraged.  So set realistic goals and keep yourself to them. The key word here is realistic. If you are out of shape right now, don’t make your goal to run a 7 minute mile by tomorrow. Set a challenging , but attainable pace for yourself. For me, this means steadily adding more reps to my set for abs, increasing weights for lifting and decreasing my time for running. For you, that might mean changing 3 sessions of cardio a week, to 5 sessions a week, or improving the strength in your triceps until you can do the full set of 25 push-ups you’ve never quite been able to complete. Whatever your dream is: set it! just work towards it at a steady pace. You don’t need to be Rocky, you can be the little Engine, That Could. Remember: don’t be discouraged if you struggle along the way. The important thing is that you keep moving forward and keep trying your best. For me, that means knowing that it is okay if my timed mile isn’t any better than the day before, or if Im not able to lift what I had hoped to. We all have off days. You getting yourself to the gym and sticking to your schedule-that counts for a whole lot. So good luck at the gym later today, and thanks for reading! If you are interested in hearing more from me, check out my blog at https://everydaybeautyfinds.wordpress.comanna

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